“Creatively Drawn Cards”

Sending cards to me is the most natural thing. I’ve been creating and sending cards to the people I care about for as long as I can remember. The idea of sending a card means sending someone a little piece of your heart and your time, two very precious commodities – Especially in this fast-paced world!

For a lot of people, a card becomes a cherished memory. Something they hold on to that reminds them of a special person or time in their life. That is one of the reasons I think despite how digital the world has become we still love to send cards to the special people in our lives!

Every card I make is created with love!  I draw and design them to the smallest details so that your special people get the same quality cards I would make and send to my own family and friends.

The catalog of designs rotates every season. If you see one you like, I highly suggest you get it before they are gone. 

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