Custom Cards

Custom cards are another great way to personalize a memory. Be remembered for your amazing style that goes right down to unique cards. Unique items, such as custom cards, are saved more often than generic cards. Say thank you or happy holidays in a unique way! They also make a great gift for special family, friends, or clients.

There are three great ways to buy the notecards I design. You can buy them as is from my Shop page. Cards are always high quality, blank inside, and printed in the USA. If you’d like 12 or more cards, please let me know, I can accommodate a larger request.

Your second option is a semi-custom card. Use the front of one of my existing designs and customize the inside. I can even include your business’ logo on the back of the card. If you would like to take advantage of this option, I will need you to share a copy of your preferred text, if any, and logo with me. You must order a minimum of 12 cards and is priced with printing included.

Your third option is a completely custom designed card. Tell me what you are looking for in a card. Whether it’s a simple thank you with your name and logo or something more complex, I can usually design it for you. This option also requires a minimum order of 12 cards and is priced with printing included.

Ready to start creating your custom card? Contact me today for details!