Because Design Doesn’t Have to be Expensive!

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There are 2.5 million weddings in the United States every year



There are approximately 3.75 million births every year





There are over 6,000 businesses that open every year



That’s a lot of cards, invitations, and templates!


Hi, I’m Patrice! I’m the Graphics Gal! After starting Purple Rose Graphics in 2011 where I currently specialize in custom creating brand visuals for businesses, I realized there wasn’t really a great solution for those who wanted custom design but couldn’t afford a graphic designer. I struggled to figure out the best solution for this problem and in 2019 when I realized that I needed separate space for my invitation and notecard business It dawned on me what the very obvious answer was.

Create a place where DIY designers could get affordable graphic design solutions that wouldn’t break the bank and still allowed them access to the knowledge and expertise of a graphic designer.

Never one to follow the crowd or do things just to fit in, I did what I thought was right and the Graphics Gal was created!

I filled this place with top-notch designs — some semi-custom (where I do the edits for you and send you the file), and some Self Personalized (traditional design templates), and yes, I still offer custom design, so if you don’t see what you want, just knock on my door or send me an email and let me know!

Come check everything out!

Pre-Made Business Solutions – Coming Soon!!